If any of your questions aren't answered below, please get in touch

1. What type of artwork can you design?

Most ypes that you might need for promoting your show.  Including but not limited to posters, fliers, badges, social media covers, listing website images, web images, and much more.  If what you want isn't covered here, get in touch and we can discuss it.

2. Do you only design for live theatre?

Gosh no.  We have designed posters for all manner of live performances, comedy, festivals, events.  Our particular niche is in the live performance world, but we are flexible so if you need something unique and bespoke, maybe a quirky birthday card for your family then do of course get in touch.

3. What is the turn around time?

We aim to have finished versions of all artwork within a week, however this can be heavily dependent on complexity of design and existing workload.  We have not taken longer than 10 days for any project if communication is good.  If you need it sooner, then get in touch and we'll see how we can help.


4. Do you offer discounts?

Our prices are already very affordable.  We have ensured that the prices are as low as possible to accommodate any budget.   

5. Is there any type of artwork you won't do?

We try to be as open as possible to any ideas and designs.  We won't knowingly provide work for hate groups or campaigns - and obviously nothing illegal!


6. Do you design websites?

This isn't something we offer.  We are able to create artwork for use on your site, but we aren't web developers.

7. What if I am unhappy with my final product?
We have never had anyone dissatisfied with the products we provide.  This is because we work with the client as much as possible - getting an idea of what type of feel and style they want, any imagery or artwork they want to include.  Clients are also able to get some alterations made to the artwork after the initial design is sent.  Ultimately if you are completely unhappy, infuriatingly dissatisfied, then we can look at refunds or credit.  But we are certain it would never come to that!

8. Help! I'm midway through a tour and I need to alter something on my poster before tomorrow!
Argh, nightmare- get in touch.  We'll sort that out asap!

9. Can I re-use the poster at a later date if I just alter the details myself?
If the poster/ flyer is for a show or an event that is going to happen multiple times, you can ask us to leave a blank section for you to add details yourself.  You will see on some of the portfolio images that there are examples of posters with areas toward the bottom that can be altered easily.

10. Do you charge for alterations?
Within reason we will make alterations and changes as we go along as part of the package.  If however you have your poster already and decide to change something, there will be a small charge.  We will always inform you up front as to what this will be.


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